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Master of Landscape Architecture

master of Landscape Architecture

Degree Offered

The Landscape Architecture Program includes two curricula: a three-year first professional degree (MLA III), and a two-year post-professional degree (MLA II) leading towards one degree: a Master of Landscape Architecture (M.L.A.).

Thesis is required for all Master of Landscape Architecture candidates. For both program offerings, Thesis consists of 5 credit-hours of Theory and Research, and 6 credit-hours of Design/Thesis work.

The thesis research shall be directed by a member of the faculty, which also acts as the student’s graduate committee chairperson. The purpose of the thesis is to expose the student to a reasonable independent research experience that enhances his/her academic development. The student should prepare, carry out and report a structured and methodical study of pertinence to the profession. Publication of this work in journals, conference proceedings, and/or presentations will be strongly encouraged.

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